From Classic to Cutting Edge: Concrete Ideas and Inspiration

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How to Use a Plasma Cutter Safely

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Steel fabrication is a project a lot of people choose to do alone without the help of a professional steel fabricator. For simple household objects like gutters and roof reinforcement, it can be a challenging but fun project to do. A very important part of steel fabrication is cutting, and it’s very difficult to finish any project without cutting the metal at least once. One of the most common ways to cut steel for an optimal result is by plasma cutting. Read More»

Why Core Drilling and Concrete Cutting is Best Left to a Professional Contractor

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Core drilling or any type of concrete cutting is not as easy as you might expect, which is why it’s best left to a professional contractor. You might assume you can simply rent a few tools and cut through your home’s basement wall or through the garage floor for new plumbing pipes, but chances are you might simply make a mess of the material and even ruin the tools. Note why this is and why this job is almost always best left to a professional contractor. Read More»