From Classic to Cutting Edge: Concrete Ideas and Inspiration

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Dry Cutting Vs Wet Cutting Concrete: Which Is Best for Your Job?

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Concrete cutting companies use a variety of methods to cut concrete in new-build, renovation and demolition projects. The different methods of concrete cutting fall into two main categories: dry cutting and wet cutting. Each involves the use of specialised blades and is suitable for use in certain conditions.  Keep reading to discover the differences between dry cutting and wet cutting. Dry Cutting As the name suggests, this method of concrete cutting involves cutting concrete without water. Read More»

5 Benefits of Commercial Concrete Pumping

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With commercial concrete construction, speed and accuracy are critical. They ensure a timely and quality finish. However, it may be challenging to achieve both these things with traditional methods, where labourers wheel the concrete with wheelbarrows to the specific locations. Concrete pumping, on the other hand, creates a seamless and efficient manner of concrete placement. It will hasten the process and ensure that there’s reduced wastage. Continue reading for 5 benefits of concrete pumping. Read More»

Why Concrete Kerbing Is a Smart Investment for Your Commercial Landscape

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Your commercial landscape says much about your business and how much you value your customers. Before the prospects get into your office, your commercial landscape should create the right impression and alert them on what to expect. However, creating an inviting and beautiful commercial landscape requires skills, time, money and effort. If you want to give your commercial landscape a competitive edge, you should consider installing kerbing. Although you may install asphalt, granite or stone kerbing, concrete kerbing is the most appropriate. Read More»