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Helpful Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Decorative Concrete

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When cared for and protected, colored concrete will be able to retain its color indefinitely. The fact is the color of integrally colored concrete extends in the entire slab. This means that even if surface abrasions occur, the color will not disappear. Also, the pigments in the color are chemically stable, which means they won't fade away as time passes due to ultraviolet light or because of adverse weather conditions. However, to keep colored concrete surfaces looking their best, certain care and maintenance needs to be provided.

Keep Debris at Bay

When you begin cleaning your colored, decorative concrete, you should begin by sweeping away any debris, dust or dirt. Once the loose debris have been removed, you should go over the entire surface with a dust mop.

Use some Elbow Grease

When you are mopping the surface with soap or some type of mild cleaner, you should work on one small section at a time and wring the mop out every time. Once you have covered the entire surface, rinse out your bucket and do it again; however, this time, only use warm water. This will ensure all excess soap is removed from the surface.

Consider Applying a Seal

If you apply a clear seal coating to colored concrete it will offer additional protection from grease and oil stains as well as abrasive chemicals. The seal will also offer a number of aesthetic benefits by giving the surface a bit more sheen and enhancing the color that is present. When you apply a quality seal on the concrete, it will also help to prevent efflorescence. This is a chalky white deposit of salt that can form on the top of concrete. It can be unsightly and hard to remove, which is why it is a good idea to take steps to prevent it with a quality seal.

Additional Tips for Concrete Care

Some additional tips that will help you properly maintain and care for your colored concrete include the following:

  • Be sure to sweep the surface regularly, even if you don't plan on going through the entire cleaning process.
  • Remove any spills right away and treat with a degreasing cleaner if necessary.
  • After 24 months, reseal the concrete.
  • Don't use any type of strong solvent on the concrete's surface.

Using these tips will help your colored concrete look great, year after year. Talk to a professional for more info.