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Four Power Tools that Every DIY Enthusiast Must Have

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If you are a handy homeowner or builder, power tools are always helpful to have in your home. The right power tools can make a DIY project twice as fun, besides offering additional productivity, flexibility, precision, and safety. The added element of speed and strength that these tools provide allows you to complete your project faster and to an excellent standard. It goes without saying that when working with power tools, always wear protective gear including overalls, goggles, and gloves. This article highlights some must-have power tools in your home.

Cordless Powered Drill -- A drill that is powered by a battery is useful when doing projects that require moving around a lot. When fully charged, this tool can operate for a long time before draining the battery. Experts recommend that you should have an extra battery to keep the work flowing. The benefit of this drill is that, unlike the corded drill that is powered by electricity, some models of the cordless drill have a clutch system that automatically stops the drill before a nail or screw head is stripped. With this tool, you can install a bookshelf or hang a pan rack in your kitchen.

Cordless Jigsaw—Because it is maneuverable and lightweight, you can move a jigsaw around with ease. You can use it to shorten boards by cutting through them in a matter of seconds. When the battery is fully charged, a jigsaw can cut enough plywood for setting up pantry shelves. Almost all models are designed with a lever that ejects the blade for easy replacement or sharpening. When you want to install a sink in the kitchen, a jigsaw is best suited to cut holes in the countertop. Also, when you want to install electrical plugs cabinets, this tool is ideal for cutting small holes. 

Circular Saw (Skilsaw) -- This is a portable workhorse that is equal to any home improvement task. Skilsaws can cut metal, brick, ceramic tile, glass, concrete, and wood. Because of its versatility, a circular saw is ideal for cutting plywood, wood beams, openings for skylights, and wall cavities. If you want to cut some fencing posts before cutting tiles, all you need to do is switch blades to suit a specific material. Blades types range from carbide-tipped, steel, abrasive, diamond, and high-speed steel.   

Portable Radio -- For repetitive and extensive home projects, music can always be your best companion. Humming to your favourite tunes will cheer you up, increasing your productivity and make daunting tasks seem more enjoyable. Research indicates that background music may not be the direct source of improved productivity. However, music improves your mood, which subsequently enhances productivity. So, turn on your radio and get to work.