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Options to Consider When Contemplating Commercial Kerbing Materials

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Typically, when most people consider commercial kerbing, they tend to assume it is solely used for roadwork. The truth is that commercial kerbing can be installed for a variety of applications ranging from pathways, parking lots, exterior sitting areas, driveways and more. Therefore, you will find a wide assortment of materials to choose from to suit your specific application as well as your individual taste. It should also be noted that depending on the type of commercial property you have, there could be some restrictions when using some types of commercial kerbing. This is why it is essential to know what options are available to you. So what types of materials can you consider when contemplating commercial kerbing?

Concrete kerbing 

Concrete kerbing must be the most common material that both businesses as well as residential owners will gravitate toward. This is because it is one of the most durable options that you could consider. Concrete commercial kerbing is great for areas exposed to heavy traffic such as parking lots and driveways on your business premises as it will be able to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. Another reason why concrete remains a popular option is that it requires minimal maintenance to stay in good condition. All you would need to do is ensure the concrete kerbing is sealed on a regular basis, especially if it is installed in areas that are not sheltered. It should be noted that concrete kerbing may succumb to cracking due to changing temperatures. It would be advisable to have it inspected regularly so that any signs of cracks are remedied before they become full-blown potholes.

Brick kerbing

Brick is also a popular material that contractors will gravitate toward when it comes to commercial kerbing. This is because brick will offer your business premises durability and longevity with the added advantage of enhanced aesthetics. The rust coloured bricks can blend in easily with the outdoor environment, so you do not have to worry about engaging in measures to spruce up the appearance of the kerbing. In addition to this, since the bricks are installed singularly, in the event one of them breaks or becomes damaged, you could easily have it replaced as part of your maintenance of the kerbing. However, you should take note that brick is much softer than hardwearing concrete. Therefore, this commercial kerbing would be better off for light duty applications such as your exterior living spaces rather than as part of your parking lot.