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5 Benefits of Commercial Concrete Pumping

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With commercial concrete construction, speed and accuracy are critical. They ensure a timely and quality finish. However, it may be challenging to achieve both these things with traditional methods, where labourers wheel the concrete with wheelbarrows to the specific locations. Concrete pumping, on the other hand, creates a seamless and efficient manner of concrete placement. It will hasten the process and ensure that there's reduced wastage. Continue reading for 5 benefits of concrete pumping.

Increased Accuracy

Concrete pumping ensures that there is increased accuracy in concrete placement. Accuracy is particularly important for a commercial concrete project. Hiring a concrete pump will ensure that you place concrete in precisely the position where it's needed. Even if the area is inaccessible, in terms of location and obstruction or height, a concrete pump will deliver the concrete where it's needed. 

Increased Speed

One of the primary benefits of concrete pouring is increased speed. If you need your work to be complete within your project deadline, concrete pumps will give you the fastest and most efficient method of concrete pumping. You cannot ignore the fact that the speed of a concrete pump doesn't compare to that of workers delivering the concrete manually. Additionally, if you're using a concrete pump, your project will not be interrupted by problems like harsh weather. When the weather is too harsh, your workers may be unable to work. However, your concrete pump will continue to pump concrete with very little manpower. 

Quality Concrete Pumping

When you buy a concrete pump, or you rent one, you won't need a lot of water for the mixture. Also, the concrete mix will be free of contaminants like mud and debris. This will make for a better end result since the concrete is of higher quality than it would have been with traditional concrete mixing and pumping. 

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Regardless of the size of your construction project,  you can get a concrete pump to suit those specific needs. For instance, a truck-mounted concrete pump can have a boom length of anywhere between fifty and two hundred feet. This allows it to place the concrete to a height of more than two hundred feet. There are also different types available. For instance, single-axle trucks allow for easier maneuverability, making them an excellent option for confined spaces. Large scale construction projects can benefit from multi-axle trucks. 

Reduced Cost of Manpower

When you hire a concrete pump, you dramatically reduce the cost of labour. Using manual labour to mix the concrete and then transport it to the preferred location can be challenging. Using a truck-mounted concrete pump increases the speed of mixing the concrete and the efficiency of transferring it to the specific site.

Commercial concrete pumping increases the speed, accuracy and precision of the concrete placement. It also reduces wastage significantly. 

For more information, contact a commercial concrete pumping service in your area.