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Uses for Block Retaining Walls in Small Space Gardening

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Retaining walls generally bring to mind the idea of the waterfront or types of holding ponds. What they may not bring up is gardening, specifically small space gardening. If you are considering creating a sustainable small space garden, or you are wanting to expand and organize your current gardening efforts, here are some ways that brick retaining walls can be used.

Wall Garden Beds

Gardens that use the wall of the home as a backdrop are fairly common. As you begin to move toward a sustainable garden, you may decide to use the garden beds for crops like corn, fruit trees, or berry bushes. The issue with this change is that you need to have a retaining wall to help keep in the large amount of soil you will need. The retaining wall will also help trap some moisture in the area. Brick retaining walls also help keep the garden from shifting or washing out during heavy storms while still allowing large amounts of water to naturally filter from the area. 

Raised Garden Beds

Many people who move towards a sustainable garden find they have small spaces to use. This means making the most of that small space. One way to do this is by creating raised garden beds. The inside of the beds can be used for some crops while the outside walls of the garden beds can be used for climbing plants like peas and beans. You can also use the area around the base of the garden bed. In addition, you can use the raised garden beds to secure loose soil or you can use the garden bed to retain and protect container gardens. These projects can all be done with the use of brick retaining walls. 

Garden Enclosures

Sometimes the garden itself is fine, it is protecting that garden that is a concern. You can protect gardening areas by using brick retaining walls. These retaining walls act as a fence and allow you to enter the area easily. They also give smaller crops such as herb plants a secure wall to retain moisture and to help reduce the chances of damage and washing out during storms.

If you decide to move forward with using brick retaining walls in your small space garden, consider contacting your area concrete contractors. They can help you with the size and style of retaining walls you need and help you place the order. They can also bring them to your location. Some concrete contractors will also install the brick retaining walls for you to ensure they are secure and to reduce future damage to the wall.   

For more information, contact a local company that installs block retaining walls