From Classic to Cutting Edge: Concrete Ideas and Inspiration

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2 Suggestions To Keep In Mind When Adding A Concrete Driveway To Your Property

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Here are two suggestions to keep in mind when adding a concrete driveway to your property.  Consider opting for decorative concrete if you want to make the driveway easier to maintain While concrete driveways are, in general, fairly low-maintenance, it’s possible to make this structure even easier to maintain if you opt for decorative concrete. The reason for this is that a driveway made of decorative concrete will usually have a patterned surface. Read More»

Uses for Block Retaining Walls in Small Space Gardening

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Retaining walls generally bring to mind the idea of the waterfront or types of holding ponds. What they may not bring up is gardening, specifically small space gardening. If you are considering creating a sustainable small space garden, or you are wanting to expand and organize your current gardening efforts, here are some ways that brick retaining walls can be used. Wall Garden Beds Gardens that use the wall of the home as a backdrop are fairly common. Read More»

Want A Paver Driveway? 4 Reasons To Choose Pave-Cut Concrete Instead

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A new driveway constructed using pavers made from concrete, brick or stone can be an attractive and practical addition to any home. Unfortunately, paver driveways have their fair share of shortcomings, and also don’t come cheap. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to a traditional paver driveway, pave-cut concrete can be an excellent choice. What Are Pave-Cut Concrete Driveways? Pave-cut concrete driveways are laid as a single slab of poured concrete in the same way as a conventional concrete driveway. Read More»